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Model/Series: 150K
BC Part #: 804964
Base Price: $422.00
Price: $422.00
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The Gammex 150K Mammographic Density Control Function (DCF) test tool enables a quick and accurate assessment of a film-screen mammography unit’s Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) accuracy.

The Mammographic DCF Test tool can record up to eleven exposures on a single piece of film. This saves film cost, set-up time, and processing time. Combining all eleven exposures on a single piece of film eliminates processing variability. The resulting density read-out can be used to perform ACR Density Control Function Tests.

The Gammex 150K consists of a base plate with an engraved density scale and a sliding exposure plate with a small window. By sliding the exposure plate without moving the cassette, the same film can be exposed at each of up to eleven AEC density steps (-5 to +5). Lightweight, convenient, and economical, the Gammex 150K Mammographic DCF Test Tool is an excellent addition to your mammographic QA program.


Base Plate . . . . . Aluminum
Exposure Plate . . Stainless Steel
Overall . . . . . . . 15.2x30.5x0.95 cm (HWD) (6x12x0.375 in)
Window . . . . . . . 12.0x18.6 mm (0.47x0.73 in)
Weight. . . . . . . . 0.8 kg (1.75 lbs)
Film size . . . . . . 7.0x9.5 in

Exposure Steps . . 11 (-1 to -5, zero, +1 to +5)
Compatibility . . . Tissue Equivalent Breast material and acrylic (Gammex 159, 159A, 159BR and 159A-BR Phantoms)
NOTE: Tissue Equivalent Material sold separately.

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