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Model/Series: 182M
BC Part #: 805293
Base Price: $10,452.00
Price: $10,452.00
Phototimer Consistency Test Tool


Quality control provides the necessary assurance that your images contain all the information possible for the delivered dose. Every mammographic system deteriorates with time, gradually producing less accurate images. Without the use of specific quality control techniques, even the experienced professional may not detect the slow and subtle degradation of the image quality.

The Gammex 182M Mammographic Quality Control Kit is used at every type of mammography facility, from small clinics to large medical centers. Each kit is complete and will provide you with the tools used to perform the following tests:

  • Image quality
  • Film/screen contact
  • kVp accuracy
  • Automatic exposure control reproducibility
  • Timer accuracy
  • Half value layer
  • Focal spot size
  • Output reproducibility and linearity


  • Digital kVp Meter Gammex 330
  • Mammographic Accreditation Phantom Gammex 156
  • Half Value Layer Attenuator Set Gammex 115H
  • Phototimer Consistency Test Tool (Acrylic) Gammex 159A
  • Aluminum Stepwedge Gammex 118
  • Breast Compression Device Gammex 163
  • Film/Screen Contact Test Tool Gammex 157A
  • 0.5° Star Test Pattern Gammex MA0021
  • Quality Assurance Handbook Gammex 781A
  • Screen Film Mammography Handbook Gammex 582
  • Tape Measure Gammex 090
  • Foam Lined Case Gammex 081A

Size. . . . . . . . . . 24x42x63.5 cm (9.4x16.5x25 in)
Weight. . . . . . . . 13.4 kg (29.5 lbs)


Gammex 182M-BR: The Acrylic Mammographic Phototimer Consistency Test Tool is replaced with Tissue Mimicking Breast Material.

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