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Model/Series: 185D
BC Part #: 805294
Price: $4,127.00


Quality assurance in radiology begins with the film processor. The processor is the single most influential source of problems in the diagnostic imaging department. To test all the parameters of the processor, Gammex provides the Gammex 185D Processor Quality Control Kit. Included in this kit are a Portable Blue/Green Sensitometer, Portable Densitometer, Digital Thermometer, Fixer Retention Test kit and the text book “Film Processing in Medical Imaging”. With these tools, daily processor quality control can be completed and early detection of possible problems can be caught before they lead to poor quality films or expensive repairs.


  • Densitometer - Gammex MA0025
  • Sensitometer - Gammex MA5034
  • Digital Thermometer - Gammex TM-99A
  • Foam Lined Hard Carrying Case - Gammex 081A
  • “Film Processing in Medical Imaging” Book - Gammex 583
  • Fixer Retention Test Kit - Gammex 166B

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