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Model/Series: 404-LE-0.7
BC Part #: 802266
Base Price: $3,015.00
Price: $3,015.00
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The Precision Small Parts Phantom RMI 404 LE 0.7 Attenuation (Damaged Tissue) is designed to measure the image quality of high frequency transducers and intra-cavity ultrasound scanning systems.

This new generation phantom offers precise measure-ments of resolution for testing the following image indicators:

• Dead zone
• Axial and lateral resolution at various depths
• Cyst imaging capabilities
• Accuracy of electronic calipers
• Depth of penetration
• Image uniformity
• Vertical and horizontal distance calibration
• Focal zone registration

Unique to the RMI 404GS LE Small Parts Phantom line are closely spaced pin targets ideal for testing a range of high frequency transducers. All resolution patterns, vertical and horizontal targets are made of 0.1 mm nylon fiber which provides excellent detail and spatial resolution. The axial resolution targets spaced at 2, 1, 0.5 and 0.25 mm test axial resolution detail. Anechoic cysts of 1, 2 and 4 mm diameters embedded in the phantom provide cyst imaging capabilities. The RMI 404 LE incorporates our new Tissue Mimicking (TM) gel which provides a smoother background texture and a new composite film scanning surface that has improved transmission properties so more of the ultrasonic beam can be transmitted and received. Purchase of this phantom includes the QA Cookbook for Ultrasound.

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