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The ESU-2400 and ESU-2400H’s autosequences are now being used in the field for Covidien Generators including the FT10. These and other autosequences are available to download for FREE. If your model is not covered, just let us know.

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ESU Analyzer - for Complex Waveforms - and Multi-Pulse Analysis - Internal Loads (0-6400 Ohm)

The ESU-2400H uses the same base platform as the ESU-2400.
This means that you can upgrade your existing analyzer without having to purchase a whole new unit. You have the freedom to
get started with the ESU-2400 and then upgrade as the need

• Measure advanced generator outputs with pulsed RF at up to
three different amplitudes

• Based upon years of collaborative work with leading
electrosurgery industry manufacturers

• The industry’s most comprehensive and most accurate full-
featured analyzer

• Industry standard RF current measurement
• DFA© Technology ultra high speed digitization of complex
RF waveforms

• Compatible with the latest ESU generator platforms
• Continuous and pulsed output waveform compatible
• Embedded real-time operating system with VGA color touch
screen display

• Displays up to 15 different measurement parameters with
user selectable and definable screens

• Internal precision test loads from 0 ohms to 6400 ohms in
1 ohms increments

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ESU Analyzer - Very High Accuracy - Pulse Measurement - Internal Loads (0-6400 Ohm)

The ESU-2400, unlike many conventional ESU Analyzers, has
internal HV setup relays to control the measurement path,
allowing the user to switch between power measurements,
leakage measurements, CQM/RECQM/ARM testing or even
run an autosequence that could include any or all of these
tests – without even moving wires around.

The current transformer internal to the ESU-2400 senses the
RF current flowing through the internal test load and produces
a ratiometric voltage which is digitized and analyzed by the microprocessor. Combining the standard and low ranges of
the ESU-2400 with the use of the current transformer, the
user has full control over the ability to get high accuracy and
high resolution readings from all types of Electrosurgical

• True RMS readings using DFA® technology
• Industry standard current sensing technology
• mV, mV peak, ma, crest factor and power (wattage) ranges
• Color QVGA display with touchscreen
• 1% of reading measurement accuracy
• Digital calibration – no pots to turn

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For more information about the ESU-2400 Series, please email us at sales@bcgroupintl.com or
call at 1(800)242-8428. You can also visit us online at www.BCGroupStore.com.

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