Which ESU Software Update Do I Need?

The ESU-2350 Software, The ESU-2400 Software and ESU-2400H Software are NOT COMPATIBLE.

Please follow the links below for the correct update for your ESU. 

If your main screen shows ESU-2350...


You need the ESU-2350 Software

Download the newest 

ESU-2350 Software

If your main screen shows ESU-2400...


You need the ESU-2400 Software

Download the newest 

ESU-2400 Software

If your main screen shows ESU-2400H...


You need the ESU-2400H Software

Download the newest 

ESU-2400H Software

Watch Step-by-step "Via USB" Video To update via USB flash drive:You must first download the updated files and unzip them to a USB Flash Drive  

Watch Step-by-step "Via Web" Video

To update via web:

Connect unit to internet through Ethernet Interface. Go to system tools screen, then select system version & updates.
The updated files will download via FTP.

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