General Test Equipment is not industry specific and is typically used for the measurement, analysis or simulation of a broad range of physical properties or component level troubleshooting.

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Cable & LAN Testers

This category contains tools and devices used to help track or test Network cable connections.


This category contains a selection of Clamp-On-Meters for AC or AC/DC applications, including some with True RMS.

Component Testers

This category contains a selection of Component Testers, LCR Meters, IC Testers and Capacitance Meters.

Decade Boxes - Resistance (Ω)
Decade Boxes offer a quick, compact and easy to use method for setting a wide variety of resistances with a single device.
Digital Multimeters

This category contains a wide selection of DMM’s including True RMS meters with optional calibration certificates available for each model. <...

Force Gauges

This category contains Chatillon Hanging Scales and Extech Force Gauges with optional calibration certificates available for each model. 

Light Meters
Light meters for measuring visible light intensity.

This category contains wide selection of hand held, bench top, Oscilloscopes and Scope Meters with a variety of Scope Accessories from which to choose.<...

pH Meters
This category contains pH meters for general applications.
Power Line Disturbance & EMF Monitors

This category contains a variety of solutions for those power line disturbances situations, from simple to complex models.  

Power Supplies

This category contains a selection of AC and DC Power supplies and Insolation Transformers.

User settable Heat Index alarm Stopwatch/chronograph mode with 1/100 second resolution 10 hour countdown timer with audible beeper warning for the last 5...
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