• MGV100 Medical Gas Analyzer

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Model/Series: MGV-100
BC Part #: MGV100
Price: $17,995.00

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All NFPA99 Gas Testing in One Instrument 

• Measures O2, N2O, Water Vapor, CO2, CO, GHC, HHC, gas pressure and vacuum.
• Optional SO2, NO and NO2 sensors as per US Pharmacopeia requirements.
• Connects directly to any gas outlet with gas pressure up to 190 psi (13 Bar).
• The most comprehensive, efficient and convenient piped medical gas testing solution in the world.

Reliable Technologies

• Simultaneous measurement of all NFPA-99 gases
• Most advanced sensing technologies .
• Infrared Absorption water vapor measure­ment - much faster than current capacitive, electronic or chilled mirror sensors.
• Infrared Absorption sensors for N2O, CO2 and Gaseous Hydrocarbons.
• High stability Electrochemical sensor for 02 (Optional Paramagnetic sensor).
• High sensitivity Electrochemical cell to measure CO down to 0.01 ppm.Photo Ionization Detector with ppb sensitivi­ty to measure Halogenated Hydrocarbons.

Automatic Air Calibration

• No air bottle is needed to perform air calibration.
• Built-in filter provides dry and clean air for automatic air calibration when needed.
• Precise temperature and pressure compensations for stable readings and reduced user gas calibration.

Simple and Reliable Gas Connections 

• Direct connection to any gas outlet through a robust stainless-steel braided hose.
• No need for pressure or flow regulators.
• Hose is PTFE-lined and sealed to minimise hose purging time and ensures gas sample integrity.
• Safe gas discharge of hazardous gas using one vent tube.
• Simple operation, gas connections, handling as well as data recording provide optimal and streamlined operation.

Secure and Complete Data Recording and Reporting

• Password protected access to ensure the integrity of the tests.
• Test results are shown with out-of-range values highlighted according to NFPA99.
• Gas test results, particulates, oil and odor results are securely stored with sample IDs and user notes.
• Data can be uploaded to the supplied MGVReports PC Software.
• Data can also be exported to a USB memory stick.
• The MGVReports Air plant monitoring option provides real-time logging of gas readings for up to an hour with both tabular and graphic presentation of the results.

Maximum Convenience

• Very Compact and light: 11.5 lb/ 5.2kg
• Accessories bag to accommodate every­thing you need and fits inside the instrument case.

The base unit makes the measurements required by NFPA for purity and source gas testing.

It measures:  PPM CO2, PPM CO, 100% O2, 100% N2O, Hydrocarbons and Dewpoint

Medical Air testing includes ppm CO and CO2, Dew Point and O2.

All source gases need to be tested and are required to be within 1%, so this is where O2 and N2O come in and if a hospital has CO2 as a source gas, the customer would need an MGV100 with the high concentration CO2 option (MGHRCO2-O). The standard O2 sensor is sufficient for these measurements

Accessories include

• SS braided, PTFE lined, sealed sampling hose with inline sintered metal filter.
• 100 L/min and 1 0L/min restrictors
• Purging T-piece for purging medical gas pipelines before or during measurement.
• Vent tube for hazardous gases.
• Threaded probes to connect your gas fittings to the sampling hose and purge T-piece.
• External pouch to provide access to battery connection and to house a spare battery if more than 8 hours operation is needed as well as providing additional storage.


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