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Model/Series: MI-BSM
BC Part #: MIS-BSM
Price: $1,899.00

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The Michigan Instruments’ Breath Simulation Module is a compact precision device designed to transform the dual adult Training and Test Lung into a spontaneously breathing system.

While in this mode, the PneuView system can analyze a simulated patient breath at preset compliances and resistances as well as investigate the characteristics of assisted ventilation. No other apparatus allows for simulated breaths at such a controllable level.

  • A physical and digital display of spontaneous breaths, useful in the classroom and in ventilator calibration.
  • Accurate control of breath rate, tidal volume and inspiratory time.
  • Easy, calibrated ventilation of testing equipment via line-air.
  • Simple setup. With a Breath Simulation Module, a spontaneously breathing system can be set up in less than two minutes.


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