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Model/Series: Snoop Leak Detector
BC Part #: Snoop
Base Price: $40.00
Price: $40.00
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Snoop® liquid leak detectors with the “Snooper” Tube detects many types of gas leaks, even in hard-to-reach areas.  This simple, stable and safe solution is ideal for industrial, laboratory and medical settings.



• Nontoxic, Noncorrosive and Nonflammable
• Sustained bubble action works even on very small leaks and vertical surfaces
• Flexible snooper tube extends for hard-to-reach areas
• Formula does not contain chlorine, aliphatic amines, or ammonium compounds
• Formula dries clean, without staining

• 27 to 200°F (–2 to 93°C)

• MIL-PRF-25567 Leak Detector Compound, Oxygen Systems, Type I, 1 to 70°C (33 to 158°F) 
• NFPA 52 Section 6-12.2 Leak Testing Compressed Natural Gas Vehicular Fuel System
• EPA Part 60, Appendix A, Method 21, Section 4.3.3 Alternative Screening Procedures Using Soap Solutions
• Available in 2 oz (59 mL), 8 oz (236 mL), and 1 gal (3.8 L) bottles

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