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Model/Series: M-42
BC Part #: M-42
Base Price: $146.00
Price: $146.00


NOTE: The OEM of this product has a $300.00 minimum order for their products. Should your order be under the minimum, there will be a $10 additional charge added to the price listed.

The M-42 Non-Magnetic 10 pc. Allen Wrench Set includes the following:

  • W-1050-L, 1/16" Allen Key
  • W-1050-R, 5/64" Allen Key
  • W-1050-P, 3/32" Allen Key
  • W-1050-A, 1/8" Allen Key
  • W-1050-B, 5/32" Allen Key
  • W-1050-C, 3/16" Allen Key
  • W-1050-D, 7/32" Allen Key
  • W-1050-E, 1/4" Allen Key
  • W-1050-F, 5/16" Allen Key
  • W-1050-G, 3/8" Allen Key


The M-42M Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic, Corrosion Resistant Hex Key Set, Metric. Set includes:

  • WH-1.5MM: 1.5mm Hex Key
  • WH-2MM: 2mm Hex Key
  • WH-3MM: 3mm Hex Key
  • WH-4MM: 4mm Hex Key
  • WH-5MM: 5mm Hex Key
  • WH-6MM: 6mm Hex Key
  • WH-7MM: 7mm Hex Key
  • WH-8MM: 8mm Hex Key
  • WH-9MM: 9mm Hex Key
  • WH-10MM: 10mm Hex Key
  • Roll-Up Case w/Velcro Fastener

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