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Model/Series: 403GS LE-0.5
BC Part #: 802259
Base Price: $3,745.00
Price: $3,745.00
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The Precision Multi-Purpose Grey Scale Phantom Sono403GS LE 0.5 Attenuation (Healthy Tissue) offers new advanced technology for measuring the image quality of high resolution ultrasound systems. Grey scale targets are provided for monitoring contrast and temporal resolution and distinguishing different intensities of brightness and border delineation capabilities of the ultrasound system.

The Sono403GS LE offers carefully placed targets to measure resolution, depth of penetration and electronic caliper distance accuracy. Axial resolution pin spacing patterns are small, offering better axial resolution tests. The resolution patterns and all vertical and horizontal targets are constructed of 0.1 mm nylon fibers for better detail definition and spatial resolution. Grey scale targets are set at -6, +6 and +12 dB relative to the background material and with equivalent attenuation properties. A 10 mm anechoic cyst is also provided to evaluate system noise and geometric distortion. This phantom incorporates our new Tissue Mimicking (TM) gel which provides a smoother background texture than conventional TM gels. This gel reduces the backscatter that is inherent in other TM gels and is fully compatible with the latest in Tissue Harmonics equipment and technology. The Sono403GS LE also has a new composite film scanning surface that has improved transmission properties so more of the ultrasonic beam can be transmitted and received. Purchase of this phantom includes the QA Cookbook for Ultrasound.


• Axial and lateral resolution at multiple depths
• Cyst imaging at multiple depths
• Depth of penetration
• Image uniformity
• Vertical and horizontal distance accuracy
• Dead zone
• Grey Scale qualitative and quantitative evaluations

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