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Model/Series: G110 Series
BC Part #: G110
Base Price: $3,230.00
Price: $3,230.00
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The Viasensor G110 CO2 analyzer was designed to monitor CO2 for multiple applications, including Brewing industry. This unit has been developed to incorporate the latest technology and specification requirements that provide the user with a fast, simple to use analyzer. All these Models Include: Battery Charger - Sample tube - Filters - operating manual.


• Improved accuracy on CO2 readings
• Quick verification CO2 incubator levels
• Time saving with dual temperature probes
• Large data storage, user friendly software and download
• Easy to read large well-lit display
• Built in gas moisture removal


• CO2 0 – 100%
• Optional Features:
– O2 0 – 100%
– Dual temperature probes 32°F – 122°F (0 – 50°C)
– Data storage and download
– Humidity Sensor 0 – 100%

• Food Processing
• Research
• Brewing
• Medical


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