BC Group offers a complete line of ventilator analyzers, including benchtop and handheld units. We have solutions for all your ventilator testing needs.
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Flow Analyzer Test System - Certifier Plus (Call for Intl pricing)
Model 4080-S Certifier Plus
Base Price: $5,610.00
Ventilator Analyzer - Portable - (Call for Intl pricing)
Certifier FA 4070
Base Price: $3,665.00
Flow Analyzer - Benchtop - PFC-3000
PFC-3000 Series
Base Price: $8,280.00
TSI Certifier-FA PLUS Respiratory Vent.Tester 4080-S Accessories

Accessories, including O2 kits and replacement sensors.


PFC-3000A Accessories

PFC-3000A Accessories including replacement particulate filter, software and Multi-Gas anesthetic agent analyzer module.

TSI Certifier-FA High Flow Respiratory Vent.Tester Accessories

Accessories, including O2 kits and replacement sensor as well  as a Digital Pressure Meter that’s recommended for anesthesia service applicat...

Mallinckrodt BreathLab PTS-2000 & Accessories

PTS-2000 Ventilator Tester accessories, including software, carrying case and replacement items.


Citrex Mobile Gas Flow Analyzer Accessories
Accessories for the Citrex H4 and Citrex H5 Series.
Demand Oxygen Test Systems

DOTS systems provide a reliable system to verify the trigger sensitivity, trigger delay, pulse/minute volume and oxygen purity in one device.

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