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Model/Series: 1430 LE 0.7
BC Part #: 805206
Price: $8,700.00


The 1430 LE 0.7 Attenuation (Damaged Tissue) is designed to provide a sonographer with advanced design features that allow for both Doppler and B-Mode ultrasound system tests in one unit. This product consists of the flow system, phantom and electric flow controller meter.

The B-Mode Phantom component of the 1430 LE is based on our 404GS LE model that provides advanced technology for measuring image quality on small parts and intra-cavity ultrasound scanning systems. With added grey scale targets this small parts phantom also measures contrast, temporal resolution and system linearity. The phantom incorporates the Gammex Tissue Mimicking gel which provides a smoother background texture and composite film scanning surface that has improved transmission properties.

Unique to the 404GS LE phantom are the closely spaced pin targets. By spacing them closer together, our targets are ideal for testing a range of high frequency transducers. Resolution patterns and all vertical and horizontal pins are made of 0.1 mm nylon fibers for better detail definition and spatial resolution. Three grey scale targets of -6 dB, +6 dB and +12 dB relative to the background material are included. A series of anechoic cysts with diameters of 1, 2, 4 and 7 mm permit easy evaluation of system noise and distortion parameters.

Two 4 mm vessels are incorporated into the system to meet with FDA Doppler sensitivity recommendations. One vessel is parallel to the scan plan at 2 cm, and the other vessel descends 35 degrees from the surface and is used for measuring Doppler sensitivity and for developing scanner techniques.

This self-contained system provides a broad range of available flow rates and test objects. The enhanced microprocessor-based flow controller meter produces accurate flow rates from 1 to 17 ml/sec corresponding to 0 to 174 cm/sec measurable velocities with a 1% full scale (FS) accuracy.


• Maximum signal penetration
• Channel isolation of directional discrimination
• Registration accuracy of duplex sample gates and similarities between B-Mode and color flow images.
• Flow rate readout accuracy

The Gammex 1430 LE is an all-in-one portable system powered by a built-in LI-ion rechargeable battery. The universal charger is included with the system.

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