• Fixer Retention Test Kit (Call for Intl pricing)

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Model/Series: 166B
BC Part #: 802158
Price: $135.00


Residual fixer on processed films over time can turn films brown. This browning deteriorates the image, making the films useless for comparison. To monitor the amount of residual fixer, Gammex provides the Fixer Retention Test Kit Gammex 166B. The kit contains residual hypo test solution and a hypo estimator test strip. A drop of solution is placed on the emulsion side of a freshly processed film. After waiting two minutes, the area where the solution has dried is compared to the hypo estimator. Residual hypo in the film should be 0.02 grams per square meter.


Residual Hypo Test Solution . . 2 fluid ounces
Hypo Estimator Test Strip . . . Four stain densities

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