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Model/Series: 976300
BC Part #: 976300
Base Price: $3,595.00
Price: $3,595.00
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The Cobia Sense offers you a convenient way to make the regular constancy checks of your X-ray equipment as quick and as accurate as possible.

Cobia Sense is dedicated for use with an external detector such as RTI Dose Probe, Light Probe, CT ion chamber or external mAs probes. The wide selection of external probes enables a big flexibility in the performance of regular constancy checks for most modalities. The measured values can be read directly from the large and clear display, and are stored in the Cobia Sense for later viewing.

As the newest member of the Cobia family, Cobia Sense has the same form factor and large display which features the Cobia’s familiar and easy-to-navigate menu structure. The Cobia Sense is targeted for routine constancy checks, with the ambition to make those tasks quick and easy.

Thanks to the Plug-and-Play functionality the Cobia Sense will automatically recognize the different detectors you connect and instantly be ready for your measurements. This together with the easy-to-read display, Cobia Sense is the perfect tool also for untrained users.

With Cobia Sense there is no need to reset between your measurements, so you can remain in the control room until all your measurements are made. The practical data log allows you to store measurements for later viewing.

Cobia Sense in Different Languages

As well as English, you can choose to run your Cobia Flex in several languages such as Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. This can easily be selected via the Cobia menu and we constantly update with more languages.



• Connects most RTI probes  • Can be used with ion chambers 
• Large rotatable display  • Data logging
• Plug-and-Play 

• Recognizes external probes automatically 

• Long-lasting rechargeable battery       • Free firmware updates via Internet
• Can be used for all modalities  • Up to 10 years warranty 

• 2-year calibration cycle 


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