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Model/Series: Tru Pointe Ultra
BC Part #: 0028-8010
Price: $552.00

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Bacharach is pleased to announce the release of a new series of leak detectors and inspection instruments using ultrasound technology. The Tru Pointe® ultrasonic instruments are electronic devices that detect the inaudible high frequency sound (ultrasound) of high pressure leaks and mechanical wear. Through a process called heterodyning, the ultrasonic sound of a leak or friction is converted to a lower frequency where it can be heard by humans through headphones. Using patented technology, the Tru Pointe® ultrasonic instruments guide the user to a problem area or leak by quantifying the intensity of the ultrasound both audibly and visually on the instruments’ displays.


The Tru Pointe® Ultra has been specifically designed for air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC-R) leak detection. The Tru Pointe® Ultra is the only test system that can simultaneously detect vacuum, pressure and internal leaks using the patented Resonator Touch Probe. Since the instrument detects only sound, it is gas-independent and can be used to detect leaks at the speed of sound. The Tru Pointe® Ultra kit includes a compact headset while the Ultra HD kit includes high quality stereo headphones.


Based on one common technology platform with two independent sensors, the Tru Pointe® 1100 and Tru Pointe® 2100 are used for leak detection and preventive/predictive maintenance (PPM). The airborne sensor is used to detect vacuum leaks and pressurized leaks of compressed air, refrigerants, steam and nitrogen. The patented internal Touch Probe sensor allows for quick detection of flow abnormalities in pumps, steam traps and valves, as well as mechanical wear in bearings and other moving machine parts. Model 2100 has multiple detection bands and is the ideal inspection tool for finding elusive leaks and wear problems.


SoundBlaster® - Ultrasonic Sound Generator. Artificially pressurizes rooms, tanks,enclosures with sound that the Tru Pointe® Ultra can detect thus locating where they leak air, water or other fluids or gases.

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