Anesthesia & Respiratory Test Equipment is specially designed to meet the demands of this field.

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Ventilator Analyzers/Testers
BC Group offers a complete line of ventilator analyzers, including benchtop and handheld units. We have solutions for all your ventilator testing needs.
Anesthetic Agent Analyzers
For testing anesthetic agent vaporizer output concentration we offer the AA-8000 and the Riken FI-8000P.
Oxygen Analyzers/Monitors
BC Group offers a variety of Oxygen Analyzer and Monitors to meet our customer’s needs. We also offer a complete line of replacement Oxygen sensors.
Flow Meters
General Purpose Laboratory Mass Flowmeters, Industrial Rotometers and Patient Delivery Flowmeters.
Anesthesia Kits & Accessories
We offer fitting kits that connect to older models of Draeger and Ohmeda anesthesia machines as well as other accessories for generating pressure and conne...
Test Lungs
From adult to infant and basic to advanced, we offer a lung simulator to meet your needs. We offer basic units to more advanced units that include adjustab...
Tools & Accessories
OEM approved lubricants as well as hex bits for servicing older Ohmeda anesthesia machine absorbers.