BC Group offers a complete line of ventilator analyzers, including benchtop and handheld units. We have solutions for all your ventilator testing needs.
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Certifier Plus Test System Kit 4080-S (Call for Intl pricing)
Model 4080-S Certifier Plus
Base Price: $5,610.00
Ventilator Analyzer - Portable - (Call for Intl pricing)
Certifier FA 4070
Base Price: $3,665.00
Flow Analyzer - Benchtop - PFC-3000
PFC-3000 Series
Base Price: $8,280.00
FlowAnalyser PRO
PF-300 PRO
Base Price: $11,300.00
TSI Certifier-FA PLUS Respiratory Vent.Tester 4080-S Accessories

Accessories, including O2 kits and replacement sensors.


PFC-3000A Accessories

PFC-3000A Accessories including replacement particulate filter, software and Multi-Gas anesthetic agent analyzer module.

Accessories for the FlowAnalyser PF-300 PRO
TSI Certifier-FA High Flow Respiratory Vent.Tester Accessories

Accessories, including O2 kits and replacement sensor as well  as a Digital Pressure Meter that’s recommended for anesthesia service applicat...

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