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Model/Series: BC20-01012
BC Part #: BC20-01012
Price: $6.00


Measuring pressure in liquid lines (such as during an occlusion test for infusion pumps) requires the use of a transducer protector to prevent fluids intruding into the digital pressure meter. 

Each DPM unit comes with either the BC20-01012 Transducer Protector, Luer Kit or the BC20-01013 Transducer Protector, Quick Connect Kit based on the fittings that are chosen for the DPM.

Failure to use a transducer protector during a liquid pressure test can result in the intrusion of fluid into the DPM which can cause damage to the digital pressure sensor.

NOTE: It is not necessary to install a transducer protector when testing dry gases or air, however, if one is installed it will not affect the pressure readings.

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