Biomedical Test Equipment is specifically designed to aide healthcare professionals in the validation and maintenance of a wide variety of medical devices.

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Ultrasound Leakage Tester
Ultrasound Leakage is not only an early indicator of costly probe damage, but can be extremely dangerous. Our ULT series Tester and Adapters offer a quick ...
ESU Analyzers
Electrosurgical Unit Analyzers offer everything from a basic analog model to the new pinacle of testing, the ESU-2400.
Defibrillator Analyzers
Defibrillator Analyzers are used for testing the functionality, accuracy, and performance of Defibrillators.
Electrical Safety Analyzers
Electrical Safety Analyzers are used for a staggering number of applications, so why be stuck with one model available. Our six base models allow you to pi...
Infusion Pump Analyzers
Infusion Pump Analyzers vary greatly in price and complexity, ranging from basic flow measurement to multi-channel digital analyzers.
Ultrasound Wattmeters
Analog or Digital, portable or desk top, our Ultrasound Power Meters offer a wide variety of accuracy and price. They make it easy to get the job done righ...
NIBP Simulators
BC Biomedical NIBP Simulators offer the best bang for your buck in today's market. The NIBP Series is a microprocessor-based, High Precision Non- Invasive ...
Pulse Oximetry Testing

We offer a wide variety of Pulse Oximetry Testing, everything from our new FSX-1101 Digital Simulator with LIFETIME Warranty and our long standing favor...

Patient Simulators
BC Biomedical's Patient Simulator series has the widest range of products and abilities available. From our pocket sized ECG Simulators to the industry lea...
Lung Simulators
Lung Simulators can vary in complexity based upon the application. We offer a range of products that cover the basic needs user and the special needs requi...
Contrast Media/Angio Equipment
Contrast Media Injector System testing requires unique equipment in addition to specialized fitting and tools.
Pressure Meters and Gauges
Pressure Meters, Gauges and Accessories. We offer a wide variety of items to cover your needs.
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