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BC Biomedical Bluetooth Adapters are additional modules that connect to existing BC Biomedical equipment to upgrade them to Bluetooth capability. The DB-9 Bluetooth adapter BC20-41401 uses an RS232 connection to allow equipment such as the DA-2006 and DA-2006P to be controlled by a mobile phone as well as exporting output data to MyBC Mobile. The USB Bluetooth adapter BC20-41400 connects to the BC Biomedical ESU-2400, ESU-2400H and IPA-3400, and giving the user remote control though a mobile device as well as data exports. The Mini-DIN Bluetooth adapter BC20-41402 has been designed to provide similiar features by connecting to ULT-2010, ULT-2020, PS-2100 Series, PS-2200 Series and the NIBP-1000 Series. For the ESU-2300, ESU-2050 and-2050P, a kit has been created that combines the BC-41401 Bluetooth Adapter and BC20-21114 Power Supply.
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