PUBLISHED: Monday, May 9, 2022 by James Scheffel

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BC Biomedical Bluetooth Technology Upgrades


Bluetooth technology soon available for the ESU-2400, ESU-2400H, ESU-2300, ESU-2050 & ESU-2050P


ESU-2400 and ESU-2400H- Beginning June 1st, customers will be able to buy a USB port Bluetooth adapter BC20-41400 for your existing equipment. This upgrade will allow Bluetooth connectivity and test automation. In other words, the ESU-2400 and ESU-2400H will connect with the myBC Mobile app to collect test data and generate reports directly from your phone or tablet. With the ESU-2400 and ESU-2400H, future models will come with the Bluetooth technology already built-in, similarly as the ESU-2350.


ESU-2300, ESU-2050 and ESU-2050P- An additional Bluetooth adapter is also being released June 1st. Because, these products have a different connectivity, BC Group is releasing the BC20-41401. This is a DB-9 based Bluetooth module for products with serial ports. This will upgrade these models to connect with the myBC Mobile app to collect test data and generate reports directly from your phone or tablet, too.


In the BC Biomedical Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer family of products, this Bluetooth connectivity is already available through the ESU-2350; released third quarter 2021.



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Bluetooth technology upgrades to the Defibrillator Analyzers DA-2006 & DA-2006P


DA-2006 or the DA-2006P- Available June 1st, the DB-9 based Bluetooth module is also compatible with the DA-2600 and DA-2600P. The BC20-41401, will connect to the serial ports of existing BC Biomedical defibrillator analyzers and establish connectivity to a smartphone or pad with the myBC Mobile app. Customers will be able to read energy output and defibrillation pulse, and generate reports directly from their smartphone or tablet.


Both the BC20-41400 & the BC20-41401 will be available for $99 each after June 1st. If you have any further questions about this exciting upgrade, feel free to email one of our sales staff at [email protected] or click the button below.


BC Group 2022-2023 Catalog Releases

The BC Group is expected to release their new newly redesigned product and price catalogs at the beginning of June.


Here is what to expect in the upcoming 2022-2023 catalog:


New simple layout


Alphabetical order


Updated features and specifications


New products


Vendor alliance products section featuring:

  • AG Instruments
  • IMT Analytics
  • Ohmic Instruments
  • RTI
  • TSI.


This printed publication is expected to be available at the AAMI exchange at our booth 524. In addition, the catalogs are anticipated to be delivered to our customers via US postal service. The 2022-2023 catalogs are currently available on demand via PDF on BC Marketplace.


Click the below links to download the PDF version of the new catalog and view anywhere on a smartphone or tablet even when there isn’t internet connection available.


If you are in healthcare, laboratory environments, funeral homes or dentistry, you are exposed to gases on a daily basis.


Healthcare workers are exposed to gases from Isopropyl Alcohol (OV-57), Ammonia (K-10), Chloroform (OV-30), Formaldehyde (F-50), Halogenated Anesthetic (H-10-3) and Xylene (OV-100). Funeral home professionals frequently are exposed to Formaldehyde (F-50), Glutaraldehyde (G10) and the fusion of Formaldehyde and Glutaraldehyde (FG-50). Additionally, Dental workers are within close proximity to Nitrous Oxide (N-10).


In the same way you wear an identification badge at work, you would wear a small data collection badge depending on the gasses you are typically exposed to while at your workplace. These "badges" are made of a microporous membrane that chemical vapors pass through. Below the membrane are absorbent materials which collect the vapors. These badges can also be placed in the home in a 24 hour period to measure indoor air quality, too.


These environmental chemical monitoring badges are newly available through our BC Marketplace online,


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