Ultrasound Leakage is not only an early indicator of costly probe damage, but can be extremely dangerous. Our ULT series Tester and Adapters offer a quick and easy way to reduce costs and liablilty.
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Ultrasound Transducer Adapters
Soft Touch Adapters for use in the ULT-2000 System. There are numerous models to provide the proper connection of the ULT Transducer to be tested to the sy...
ULT Conductivity Probes
BC Biomedical's Dual Conductivity Probes come in multiple proble lengths. They are used as part of the ULT-2000 to provide the electrical connection to the...
ULT-2000 Series Accessories
Accessories for the ULT-2000 include a portable printer, communication cables, Cidex trays and more.