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Model/Series: BC20-41360
BC Part #: BC20-41360
Price: $154.00


The BC20-41360 Communication Cable is a USB Null Modem Cable (non-standard USB A to USB A).  This cable is used to connect a BC Biomedical ESU-2400/H to a PC. It is not required for typical use, but can be used to access the ESU-2400/H Communication Protocol.

The communication protocol provides a means to completely configure and use the ESU-2400 from a PC. All of the functions available through the front panel can be performed through the communication ports. All of the measurements made by the ESU-2400 are accessible as well. This provides for hands free or automated operation of the ESU-2400 but requires programming. For details see the Communication Protocol section of the ESU-2400/H User Manual.

The ESU-2400/H has USB ports that can be used to connect to a PC. The connection must be made using an FTDI USB null modem cable (BC Part number BC20-41360). This cable allows the PC to see the connection to the ESU-2400 as a serial port.

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