ESU Analyzer Compatibility List
  ESU-2050 ESU-2050P  ESU-2300 ESU-2350
ESU-2400 ESU-2400H
Hyfrecator 2000  X X X X X
System 2450   X     X X
System 5000   X     X X
Accusect   X     X X
Pelleve   X     X X
Vio 300D            X
KLS Martin
maXium           X
Radiosurge           X
Valleylab Force FX-C X X X  X X X
Valleylab FX8 X    X X X
Valleylab Force Triad X   X X X
Valleylab FT10 X   X X
ESG-100           X
ESG-400           X
ESG-400PK           X
MBC 610           X
Curis           X

Most ESU generators have
multiple output modes with

different waveforms, such as
Cut, Coag, Bipolar, etc. Some
of the waveforms are continuous
and some are pulsed. The pulsed
mode outputs of the following
generators have been analyzed
and found to be compatible with
the indicated ESU Analyzers.
Note that continuous waveforms
can be measured by any analyzer,
the compatibility list shown below
is for pulsed waveform

Generators that do not use pulsed
waveforms are included and
shown as compatible with the
ESU2050 and ESU-2300, which
do not measure pulsed waveforms.

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External Resistors
Vishay-Dale Precision Power Resistors (±1%), Non-Inductive. Used as External loads with BC Biomedical ESU products.
External Resistor Sets
BC Group offers several pre-packaged sets of the Vishay-Dale Precision Power Resistors. Each set is designed to meet the needs of a specific ESU Generator ...
ESU Accessories
This category contains a variety of ESU Accessories, such as replacement parts, cable kits, current transformers and test modules.
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