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Model/Series: DPM-2300 Series
BC Part #: DPM-230
Base Price: $1,198.00
Price: $1,198.00
Pressure Sensor 1 (Included): (Right) Recommended Connector in parentheses
Pressure Sensor 2: (Left) Recommended Connector in parentheses
Analog Output:
Special Order Connectors (Sensor 1 / Sensor 2):
Pressure Adapters

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Please note that the typical lead time for these custom order pressure meters is 3 weeks.

Did you know that we offer several pre-configured DPM options that are typically in stock?
Be sure to check out our pre-configured DPM-2300 Series meters.

The Model DPM-2300 Series is a microprocessor-based, high precision, high resolution Digital Pressure Meter family. These meters measure both gas and liquid pressures and provide multiple engineering unit displays for the results. The unit may have one or two pressure sensors and an optional temperature sensor input to measure pressure and temperature all in one meter. The DPM 2300 Series meters are intended to be used by skilled technicians in the evaluation and servicing of a wide variety of medical equipment.

• Large graphic display
• Select options and set up parameters 
• 0.05% FS pressure accuracy
• Standard pressure scales include 13 different Engineering unit ranges: (psi, mmHg@0c, mmHg@20c, inHg@0c, inHg@20c, CmH2O@20c, inH2O@4c, inH2O@20c, inH2O@60f, Kg/cm2, kpa, bar, mbar)
• Digital calibration – no pots to turn
• Selectable display options and digit sizes
• Battery life display (0 to 100%)
• Programmable digital filter
• Display contrast is software adjustable
• 24 bit measurement
• Digital zero adjustment – no pots to turn


• RS232 Serial Communications
• Min/Max storage
• Independent pressure channel
• DC analog output
• Temperature option


• YSI 700 or RTD temperature probe interface
• -20.0 to100.0 c / -4.0 to 212.0 f temperature range
• 0.5% FS accuracy
• Max and min temperature value capture and storage


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