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Model/Series: IPA-3900-FM
BC Part #: IPA-3900-FM
Price: $2,142.00


The IPA-3400 is designed to hold up to 4 IPA-3900-FM flow modules. These modules are individually serialized and calibrated so that they may be moved from channel to channel and even unit to unit. Once installed they are recognized by the IPA-3400 and their Serial Number and NIST Traceable Calibration information are presented on the display and utilized in all data reporting.

The interchangeable modules provide the user with unprecedented flexibility in their IPA Testing System. There is no need to be down when the unit is due for calibration. Only the modules need to be calibrated. This also allows the rotating of modules or the use of a spare module, thus providing flexibility not available in other systems. The same is true for service. If there is a problem on one channel, only the module needs to be serviced, eliminating downtime.

The IPA-3400 display may be raised to gain full access to the four user swappable flow modules. No wiring or plumbing is required for module installation. Simply lift the display, remove the cover plate, loosen the retainer screw and slide the module out. All plumbing and electronics are self-contained and all electrical connections are made via a slide-in mating connector on the end of the module. Then just reverse the process for installation.

The IPA-3400 allows for easy field expansion. You can buy a 1 channel unit and later purchase additional modules that can be added in the field. Just plug them in and the system will automatically recognize the additional module(s), reconfigure itself and you are ready to go.

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